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144 Envelopes — A Win for Everyone

As many of you are already aware, the Downtown Excelsior Partnership is a 501c3 not for profit organization.  Our mission is to continue driving downtown forward.  We are truly seeing significant growth right now and in order to continue driving downtown forward it takes money.  Money is often times a significant struggle for many not for profits.  We are continually leaning on our donors for more money and our businesses for donations.  Our businesses are truly starting the feel the pressures that occur when literally every organization is knocking on the door.

At the Downtown Excelsior Partnership we are here to support our businesses.  We want to help them grow, flourish and succeed.  We want to continue hosting programs and events that are designed to directly benefit them, drive traffic in their stores and ring their cash registers!  Of course, to continue doing these things we, DEP, must continue to fundraise.  For a long time we have been brainstorming the perfect fundraising solution that not only allows DEP to do more for our community, but benefits our businesses at the same time.  We understand their struggles and we don’t want to continue asking for them to give.  Well, we have come up with a fundraiser that benefits EVERYONE!


On July 1st we are launching our newest fundraising campaign, 144 Envelopes!  This new concept allows individuals to donate to the future of Downtown Excelsior Springs and gives them a chance to win some of our amazing prize packages!  This fundraising campaign allows for individuals to donate  small and large amounts.  Individuals will pick an envelope from the below image and then donate the corresponding monetary amount.  So if you pick envelope 37, you donate $37, envelope 109, $109.  The envelope you purchase equals the amount of times you are entered into the drawing for the prize packages.  Even better news, you also have the ability to win more than one prize package!  So the bigger the envelope the greater your odds become!  Each envelope can only be purchased one time, so hurry on July 1st and get the envelope you want!  You also have the option to purchase more than one envelope should you so choose.  AND… Any envelope you choose, your donation is 100% tax deductible.


When all 144 Envelopes are filled we will have raised $10,630!!!  And $5,000 of that is going to be used to PURCHASE the items that complete our amazing set up prize packages!  All prize packages are valued between $455 and $545!!!  Check them out below!



Remember, this awesome new program that benefits everyone launches on July 1st!  Our link will go live this Sunday!  You will be able to purchase envelopes online through paypal or using a credit/debit card, or can purchase in person with cash or check at the Hall of Waters Visitor Center.  Each week we will continue to keep everyone updated on how many and which envelopes are still available until they are full so we can do our LIVE DRAWING to award our 10 prize packages!!!!