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DEP Announces 1st Quarter Facade Improvement Grants for Local Businesses

The Downtown Excelsior Partnership, Inc. is proud to announce the issuance of facade grants to four local businesses and/or property owners of the Historic Downtown Excelsior Springs District, marking a significant investment in the aesthetic and structural revitalization of Downtown Excelsior Springs. Through the Facade Improvement Grant Program, a total of $2,594 has been awarded in the first quarter of 2024, demonstrating DEP’s commitment to fostering a vibrant and inviting downtown area.

The grants have been distributed to properties situated at key locations within the downtown district: 111 N. Main, 114 E. Broadway, 109 E. Broadway and 463 S. Thompson. These awards reflect the diverse needs of the downtown business community, funding enhancements that range from the addition of stylish awnings and eye-catching new business signage to critical window replacements and comprehensive facade repairs.

Property Improvement Highlights

111 N. Main: Extensive facade improvements and repairs, revitalizing the building’s exterior and preserving its historic integrity.
114 E. Broadway: Replacement of outdated and broken windows, improving energy efficiency and curb appeal.
109 E. Broadway: Introduction of elegant awnings, adding charm and character to the streetscape.
463 S. Thompson: Installation of new business signage, enhancing brand visibility and attracting more visitors.

“The Facade Improvement Grant Program is a cornerstone of our efforts to enhance Downtown Excelsior Springs’ appeal and economic vitality,” said Lyndsey Baxter, Executive Director, of the Downtown Excelsior Partnership, Inc. “These grants not only help beautify our historic downtown, but also support our local businesses in creating more inviting and engaging spaces for residents and visitors alike.”

This initiative underscores DEP’s ongoing dedication to encouraging sustainable development and fostering a sense of pride among the community. By investing in the physical and aesthetic improvement of downtown properties, the Downtown Excelsior Partnership, Inc. aims to contribute to a thriving, dynamic urban center that attracts both businesses and visitors, ensuring a prosperous future for Excelsior Springs.

For more information about the Downtown Excelsior Partnership, Inc. and the Facade Improvement Grant Program, please contact:
Lyndsey M. Baxter
Executive Director

About the Downtown Excelsior Partnership, Inc.

The Downtown Excelsior Partnership, Inc. is a nationally and stated accredited Main Street non-profit organization dedicated to the revitalization and growth of Downtown Excelsior Springs. Through collaboration with business owners, local government, and the community, DEP works to enhance economic development, cultural vitality, and the overall quality of life in the downtown area.