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Downtown Excelsior Partnership (DEP) was formed in 2006 by local businesses, individuals and downtown building owners to create a vibrant downtown Excelsior Springs. With hard work, planning and many volunteers DEP has grown into an organization providing a grassroots effort to revitalize our downtown. Together we have worked hard to shape the future of Excelsior Springs and develop our downtown as a dynamic place to live, work, shop, dine and stay.

DEP supports the revitalization framework of the National Trust Main Street Program. The program operates using four committees, providing the keys to successfully preserving and revitalizing a historic downtown. These four committees provide that framework:

• Organization – provides guidance and direction on fundraising, volunteers and operations.

• Design – Enhances the visual appearance of downtown through the arts, building rehabilitation, landscaping and streetscaping.

• Promotion – Markets downtown via events and advertising to attract customers, visitors, residents, businesses and potential investors.

• Economic Restructuring – Analyzes and plans for appropriate mixed-use development as a way of creating new opportunities and strengthening the economic base of downtown.

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2022 Accomplishments

• New Downtown Planters
• Mural Repair
• Downtown Planting Day
• Window Display Competition
• Memory Tree in Pocket Park
• Building Inventory
• Business Inventory
• Shopping & Dining Guides
• Real Estate Redevelopment Plan
• Awarded Best Organization Pandemic Response
• Successfully Printed 2023 Trip Planner
• Boasted 8,350 Volunteer Hours valued at $7,938,263
• Maintained and Successfully Hosted the Visit Excelsior Tourism Website
• Spent over $42,500 on Downtown Beautification

• Seasonally Decorated Downtown Streetscape
• Provided Multiple Facade Grants
• Awarded $58,000 in ARPA Facade Grants
• Completed Wayfinding Study
• Secured Engineer for Lithia Landing
• Low Interest Loans
• Event Economic Impact Results
• Business Recruitment
• Available Property Database
• Placer .ai Reporting
• Secured $200,000 in County ARPA Funds
• Secured $32,000 for Image Procurement
• Spent Over $126,000 Marketing the Downtown District
• For Every Dollar Invested by the City, DEP Raised an Additional $8.41
• Reached Over 11 million individuals with the Visit Excelsior Springs Promotional Campaign


Want to be involved, but don’t have the time to volunteer? There are many ways to invest in your community including one-time gifts and monthly giving. Found out how to give back here!


Need volunteer hours or want to give back to your community? We have opportunities from monthly team meeting to one-time event shifts. There is always a way to give back that fits your needs. Find out more about volunteer opportunities now!


We plan over 70 days of events for Downtown Excelsior Springs, and those events wouldn’t happen without our generous sponsors. Learn more about how to help your favorite downtown while also promoting your own business.

Board of Directors


Nate Williams

E.S. Community Center & Parks & Recreation

Vice President

Jeanine Stubbs

Excelsior Springs Resident


Jim McCullough

ConAgAuctions, Atlas Saloon Brewery & Wabash BBQ


Jill Rickart

Ventana Gourmet Grill

Board Member

Allen Amos

Downtown Resident

Board Member

Brenda Kilgore

Kilgore’s Vintage & Design

Board Member

Kenny Slavens

Fleming Group KC

City Liaison

Reggie St. John

City of Excelsior Springs


Executive Director

Lyndsey M. Baxter


Promotional Coordinator

Sam Gilmore


Visitor Center Manager & Bookkeeper

Betty Bissell


Visitor Center Staff

Sam Craven

Main Street In Missouri:

As a Missouri Main Street Accredited program, the Downtown Excelsior Partnership, Inc. is a recognized, leading program among the state network of more than 45 districts and communities who share both a commitment to creating high quality places and to building stronger communities through preservation-based economic development.
For more information about Missouri Main Street Connection or other Missouri Main Street programs, please visit their website.

National Main Street Center:

DEP follows the Main Street Four-Point Approach, which focuses revitalization efforts in four areas: Design, Economic Vitality, Organization and Promotions. It is a comprehensive and balanced approach with an underlying goal of promoting and strengthening the downtown core and preserving its historic character. Support from local government, partner organizations, downtown property and business owners, and residents has helped this community-based initiative work in Downtown Excelsior Springs for more than 15 years. For more information about the Main Street Four-Point Approach, please click here.
As a Main Street America Accredited Program, the Downtown Excelsior Partnership, Inc. is a recognized leading program among the national network of more than 1,200 neighborhoods and communities who share both a commitment to creating high-quality places and to building stronger communities through preservation-based economic development. All Main Street America Accredited Programs meet a set of National Accreditation Standard of Performance as outlined by the National Main Street Center.