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DEP Announces 2018 Marketing Spend To Date

Bringing awareness and knowledge of Downtown Excelsior Springs is a primary goal of the Downtown Excelsior Partnership.  DEP’s mission not only includes creating awareness amongst the residents of Excelsior Springs, but to educate and increase tourism from individuals in the entire state of Missouri.  DEP is able to do all of these things through continual market research and an effective marketing plan that integrates a Downtown Excelsior Springs brand.  DEP has set out a program that promotes not only Downtown Excelsior Springs, but the Visit Excelsior campaign as a unique destination of choice.  The intent behind the marketing effort is to build recognition for Downtown Excelsior Springs and all that we have to offer, with the ultimate goal of generating more business and revenue for Downtown and the entire Excelsior Springs area.  Because of how important these efforts are to the overall economic status of Downtown, DEP would like to share their 2018 marketing efforts and total spend to date.

DEP is responsible for these marketing efforts with a total spend of $25,983 .

Excelsior Springs Visitor Guide Publication – $435
Visit Excelsior Rack Card Distribution – $500
Create Content Development – $500
Downtown Information Kiosks – $500
Downtown Shopping & Dining Guides – $600
SEO Optimization (Google Ad Words) – $600 Updates & Maintenance – $700
Vintage KC Magazine (3 Publications) – $810
Highway 36 Magazine (2 Year Publication) – $1,050
Social Media Promotions – $1,150
Event Promotions – $2,000
Videography Development – $2,490
Visit KC Magazine & Online Ad Space – $2,688
Show Me Missouri Magazine (4 Publications) – $3,000
Missouri Life Magazine (4 Publications) – $3,960
National Main Street Conference Advertising – $5,000

It is the Downtown Excelsior Partnership’s ultimate goal to continue increasing our efforts to better assist in making Downtown Excelsior Springs the premier destination of Missouri.  We will continue to strive to put Downtown Excelsior Springs on the map so that individuals from all locations can enjoy the rich and vibrant history of Excelsior Springs and all of the great things we have developed into today.