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DEP Hosts Successful Merchant Mingle at Excelsior Springs Museum & Archives

The Downtown Excelsior Partnership, Inc. (DEP) successfully hosted its Spring Downtown Merchant Mingle last night at the Excelsior Springs Museum & Archives. This engaging event gathered a variety of stakeholders from the local business community to discuss key accomplishments and future initiatives.

During the mingle, DEP proudly shared highlights from its annual report. Attendees were provided with comprehensive insights including a financial summary, an analysis of sales tax variations over the years, and reinvestment statistics that underscore the growth and sustainability of the downtown district. The report also covered expansive social reach statistics, the current downtown business mix, the achievements of the 2023 action plan, and exciting plans for 2024.

A significant focus was placed on enhancing visitor experiences and business operations within the downtown area. DEP announced that they would share detailed visitation data, including visits by day and time, with downtown merchants. This valuable data will empower business owners to strategically plan their operations to capitalize on peak visit times, thereby boosting economic activity and customer engagement.

The evening also highlighted several upcoming events designed to attract more visitors and celebrate the community spirit of Excelsior Springs. These include the Cinco(ish) De Mayo celebration (May 4), Lyrics on the Lawn, and the eagerly awaited 18th Annual Wine Festival. Each event is tailored to bring unique experiences to residents and visitors alike, promising fun, entertainment, and local culture.

Additionally, DEP unveiled its new video marketing strategies, which include a series of promotional videos set to enhance the visibility of Downtown Excelsior Springs. These videos aim to draw in a wider audience by showcasing the vibrant life and diverse offerings of the district.

Lyndsey Baxter, Executive Director of DEP, expressed enthusiasm about the initiatives: “We are thrilled about the direction DEP is heading with the support of our community and partners. Last night’s mingle not only celebrated our past achievements, but also set a dynamic course for future growth and community engagement.”

About the Downtown Excelsior Partnership, Inc.

The Downtown Excelsior Partnership, Inc. is a nationally and stated accredited Main Street non-profit organization dedicated to the revitalization and growth of Downtown Excelsior Springs. Through collaboration with business owners, local government, and the community, DEP works to enhance economic development, cultural vitality, and the overall quality of life in the downtown area.

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