Downtown Banner Initiative Complete, Excelsior Springs, MO – November 7, 2016  The Downtown Excelsior Partnership (DEP) is excited to announce the completion of their 2016 banner initiative.  DEP added three new banner designs to the Hall of Waters Historic District on Broadway Street and Thompson Avenue and one new banner design to the Elms Historic District on Regent Avenue and Elms Boulevard.
The Design Committee of DEP decided they wanted to incorporate signage in the Downtown Excelsior Springs Area that would let visitors know that they are in a historic district and showcase our district at the same time.  It was decided installing new and much larger banners would achieve this goal.  DEP worked with Skyla Sullivan who designed these new, beautiful banners.
DEP also decided that it was time to remove the previous banner arms made of PVC and upgrade to the black steel banner arms to compliment the existing light poles.  Downtown Excelsior Springs Community Improvement District funds were used to make this project possible.  There were 30 new banners added to the Hall of Waters Historic District and 8 new banners added to the Elms Historic District, with 38 new banner arm sets being installed.
Executive Director, Lyndsey Baxter, reported that 14 individuals volunteered to make this project possible on the morning of Sunday, November 6th.  Baxter stated, “The volunteers together donated just over 70 hours of time to beautify our downtown together.  DEP and myself can not thank them enough for being a part of this revitalization process.  We would not be able to do all that we do without our amazing volunteers!”
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