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Downtown Excelsior Partnership, Inc. & Stakeholders are Semifinalist in Three State Award Categories

The Downtown Excelsior Partnership, Inc. (DEP) received word from the Missouri Main Street Connection (MMSC) State Director, Gayla Roten, today that DEP and their partners are semifinalists in three different achievement award categories for the State of Missouri. Each year, MMSC hosts an Evening of Excellence Ceremony at the State Conference where they recognize winners in multiple different revitalization categories in downtowns across the State of Missouri. Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the State Conference was postponed this year. However, the motto for MMSC is “The Show Must Go On” and they believed it was extremely important to highlight the successes of downtown during 2020 so they are hosting a virtual ceremony on July 30th at 7:00 PM on Facebook Live!

DEP Executive Director, Lyndsey M. Baxter, stated, “It is an amazing feeling to see some of our fearless volunteers, businesses and stakeholders be recognized for their hard work and efforts. Downtown revitalization and great things do not just happen overnight. It takes blood, sweat, tears and time and we are so fortunate to have the group of individuals we have working toward the common goal of making Downtown Excelsior Springs a place we love and are proud to call home.”

The three awards the Downtown Excelsior Partnership, Inc. nominated and were named a semifinalist in were:
Premier Partner, Outstanding Economic Impact Award and Best Historic Preservation Project.

Baxter said, “These individuals have worked extremely hard to get where we are today, so it is not only exciting, but humbling for all of us to be selected as a semifinalist against the best downtowns in the entire State of Missouri.”

Premier Partner Award
The Christmas Committee
This group of individuals put in over 2,000 volunteer hours a year to spread the Christmas cheer throughout our town. Within a period of about 5 weeks, this crew is responsible for hosting 10 different events. A majority of which take place on the official Christmas Kick Off. Through their commitment to making our downtown a special place through the holidays, we are able to see significant increases in holiday spending in our downtown. Each year the parade and Lane of Lights bring nearly 20,000 individuals to our community to experience the magic.

Best Historic Preservation Project
The Brunke Building
The year was 1925 when Music Hall Bath House Company constructed a brick building, now none as “The Brunke Building”. As times changed, so did the ownership. In August of 2017, Gary & Kim Sanson became the new owners after approaching John and Vera. The Sansons completed a beautiful, detailed renovation of the over 9,000 square foot building. The renovation of the front façade was exceptional. With careful and precise care, the two were able to restore the building, including the flowered rosettes, and bring it back to it’s original state. Gary & Kim also adopted a Golden Doodle while working on the renovation process, so it was only fitting that they give him name they were passionate about. His name is Brunke, a name that has been displayed over nine decades in Excelsior Springs.

Outstanding Economic Impact Award
Dubious Claims Brewing Co. Celebrity Bartender
It was just about three years ago that Neil fell for Downtown Excelsior Springs and decided to make us his home for Dubious Claims Brewing Co. and it was just a little over two years ago he opened his doors. In those two years his continued growth has been substantial and so has his popularity with the locals and tourists, too. Neil and DCBC have become active members of the community and he was determined to find a way to give back to the community. It was at that time; he came up with the Celebrity Bartender Program. While this program has been great for DCBC, it has nothing on the benefits it has had for our community causes. Celebrity Bartenders have been able to raise over $91,300 for our community causes. Each Celebrity Bartender night is a great night to be in Downtown Excelsior Springs. The chances you see a City Councilman dancing on the bar to get extra tips or you might even witness community leaders dressed as the Village People performing the YMCA.

Everyone is encouraged to join the Downtown Excelsior Partnership, Inc. on Thursday, July 30th at 7:00 PM at Dubious Claims Brewing Co. to wish our semifinalists good luck and tune in together live for the award announcements!