Small Business Saturday

Meet DEPO the Downtown Elf

We would like to introduce all of you to DEPO the Downtown Elf! DEPO is really into #ShoppingSmall, especially in Downtown Excelsior Springs, Missouri!

Here in Downtown, Small Business Saturday is a lot like Christmas! This year, DEPO plans to fly in each night to showcase some of the small businesses that make our community go round and round!

Make sure to check in on DEPO each day. We hear he will be arriving November 1st. He can’t wait to #ShopSmall with all of you and even give away some prizes!

When you #ShopSmall in one of the businesses you have seen DEPO supporting, make sure to post your Small Business Saturday Selfie! Make sure to use the hashtag #ShopSmallDowntownES and make sure your post is set to public. Public posts will be entered into a drawing for a $100 Downtown Gift Card the day after Small Business Saturday!

November 1

DEPO has arrived and made his first #ShopSmall appearance! He highly recommends Granny’s Gingerbread Cream from Broadway Bar & Grill! He’s even going to take some back to the North Pole! #ShopSmallDowntownES

November 2

We tried, we really tried to keep DEPO from eating ALL of BobKorn Kettle Corn‘s delicious popcorn and especially your favorites! He gives it two thumbs up and suggests you grab some while you #ShopSmall on #SmallBusinessSaturday! #ShopSmallDowntownES

November 3

DEPO got to meet another friend of Downtown Excelsior Springs, Missouri from Four Horses and a Dog Vineyards & Winery while he was stopping in to check out Willow Spring Mercantile and all their Missouri Wines! They might of had a little too much fun sampling all the wine, but can highly recommend the Original Cin while you #ShopSmall! #ShopSmallDowntownES

November 4

With so many awesome #ShopSmall options in Downtown Excelsior Springs, Missouri, DEPO recommends fueling up at Ray’s Lunch before you head out to enjoy #SmallBusinessSaturday, especially the breakfast burrito! #ShopSmallDowntownES

November 5

DEPO felt like he was back home at the North Pole when he caught the amazing scents floating through Bliss! Between Peppermint, Christmas Spirit, Christmas Tree and Holiday Cheer, he couldn’t pick just one so he took one of each back home! He highly recommends picking some up on#SmallBusinessSaturday to help you get ready for the holidays! #ShopSmallDowntownES

November 6

DEPO fell in love with all the beautiful jewels at Sturm Bros’! Look at those sparkling eyes! His favorite were some of the custom pieces they are showcasing! Make sure to stop by and #ShopSmall and maybe get the perfect Christmas gift! #ShopSmallDowntownES

November 7

Oooooo, DEPO found some new friends while he was #ShoppingSmall and mousing around at Molly Roberts Studio! He said if someone doesn’t pick them up on #SmallBusinessSaturday that he’s coming back to take them with him to the North Pole! #ShopSmallDowntownES

November 8

DEPO decided it was time to pamper himself last night when he stopped in at New Age Skincare Spa! He couldn’t believe all of the amazing products, he decided to try out some of the Vital C line available there! What a great Christmas special! #ShopSmallDowntownES

November 9

DEPO decided to take a deep dive into the candy while he decided what ink he wanted while visiting Ink Stylez Studio here in Downtown Excelsior Springs, Missouri! #ShopSmallDowntownES

November 10

It was a North Pole Christmas wonderland for DEPO when he arrived at Shabby Chic Boutique and Co 2! Candy Canes, Snowmen, Decorations and ALL things Christmas awaited him! He says you definitely need to check out all the Christmas swag when you #ShopSmallDowntownES

November 11

DEPO took Style By Ry’s advice and decided to get cozy with some of the mannequins! He just loved all of the beautiful cold weather clothing and accessories available! He can’t wait to take some back to help him stay warm at the North Pole! #ShopSmallDowntownES

November 12

DEPO’s only used to seeing reindeer, but he fell in love with the cows at Bohemian Sage Gallery! He still hasn’t figured out how to get a real cow there so he decided he’s going to come back and get the painting if you don’t on Small Business Saturday! #ShopSmallDowntownES

November 13

With all this snow and below average temperatures we couldn’t track down DEPO this morning! He decided it was time to take a big leap into warmer weather with the fun folks at Main Spring Arts Gallery & Studios! Make sure to check them out on Small Business Saturday while you #ShopSmallDowntownES.

November 14

Rub-a-dub-dub! DEPO is just splashing in the tub at Mind, Body & Soap Co. while enjoying all of the amazing scents of her handmade soaps! He says these would make for the perfect stocking stuffers this year when you #ShopSmall on Small Business Saturday in Downtown Excelsior Springs, Missouri! #ShopSmallDowntownES.

November 15

Oh that DEPO! He was being a naughty Elf while enjoying his time at the Atlas Saloon Brewery! He just couldn’t get enough of their new in house Atlas Brew! He strongly recommends stopping back for a break while you are #ShoppingSmall on Small Business Saturday! #ShopSmallDowntownES.

November 16

DEPO says it was all about the therapy at Ventana Gourmet Grill! He has had so much fun flying around our Downtown Businesses that he needed to refuel and enjoy a glass of wine! He highly recommends the cheesecake! Make sure to stop by after your #ShopSmall adventures! #ShopSmallDowntownES.

November 17

Hoot, Hoot! DEPO loved all the new items at the newly renovated Fishing River Market! He especially enjoyed hooting around with his newest friend! Make sure to stop in and #ShopSmall with our newest downtown friends! #ShopSmallDowntownES.

November 18

DEPO couldn’t help himself! He had to be a true Elf On The Shelf when he visited Dubious Claims Brewing Co! He recommends forgetting the water and drinking the beer! So stock up on your favorite brews in crowlers or growlers for the holidays! #ShopSmallDowntownES.

November 19

It might have took all day but we finally tracked down DEPO! He spent the day sampling all the meats at Wabash BBQ! His favorite were the Ribs! He liked it all so much he’s taking some Wabash Rub and Barbecue Sauce back to the North Pole! He says it will be a great gift for Christmas or even a stocking stuffer! #ShopSmallDowntownES.