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It’s All Happening … in DOWNTOWN!

What a truly exciting time it is for all of us in Downtown Excelsior Springs!
We’ve all been working hard for so many years to finally reach this point.  I can’t seem to quit saying, “IT’S HAPPENING!  It’s REALLY happening!”  Last week I had a business contact me about wanting to relocate their business to Excelsior Springs, as I began making calls to all of our property owners I quickly learned that literally all of our buildings for sale in Downtown had went under contract last week!  Crazy right?!  So, with that being said, I want to share all of the exciting economic development occurring in Downtown!  This is something we should all be extremely excited about!  It’s been decades since we have had this kind of investment happening in our town!

253 E. Broadway


While it is not totally official, the word is out that we may be seeing what was once Healthy Life Choices converted into a yoga studio that offers healthy cooking classes, options and products.  Details are still being finalized, but we are keeping our fingers crossed that this addition joins Broadway.

244, 246 & 248 E. Broadway


These properties all currently under contract and are in the final stages of negotiation.  We will soon see exterior updates occurring to the building, and the best news, but vacant spaces will soon be filled with RETAIL!  Upon this property closing we will be sharing additional details about what to expect!

120 E. Broadway


This property that was once the Lodwick Law Office and also where The Mug is located currently went under contract last week and is scheduled to close toward the end of June.  Don’t worry, The Mug will still have a home to serve your favorite coffees under new ownership, but the exciting part is that the current vacant storefront will be converted to retail, and even better, the upstairs apartments will also be undergoing renovation!

115 E. Broadway


We can’t report on what is coming, but we are excited to share that 115 E. Broadway is currently under contract!  This property was most recently housed by Mod-I-Fyed Goods, but after being vacated, went under contract in just a few short weeks.  When we are able to release more information we will!

231 E. Broadway


Don’t worry!  It’s still our favorite Ray’s Lunch!  Nothing has changed other than Brenda completing a new facelift on the building!  New roof, new paint and new awning!  We just want to take a moment to thank her for her investment in her building and Downtown Excelsior Springs!

110 S. Main Street


Did you know we have a new business on the corner of Main and Spring Street here in Downtown?  A new art gallery and studios has joined us.  They have completed a significant amount of interior work to get the doors open and are now transitioning to exterior upgrades.  Stop by and check them out.

216 Spring Street


We wanted to give a quick update and let everyone know that the Meadows are moving forward with converting this beauty into their roasting company and commercial kitchen!  How neat is it that we are also adding a manufacturing component to our downtown streetscape, but in a cool and trendy way?!

208 Spring Street

Photography Credit - Kevin Morgan

Photography Credit – Kevin Morgan

Remember that fire we had about a year ago in one of our downtown buildings?  Pat Slusher with TNG Construction is moving forward to bring this historic building back to life.  They will be using Historic Tax Credits to save this property.  He is planning to restore the apartments on the upper levels and return the lower level to a commercial retail space.  If you or someone you know is interested in opening a business in downtown and are interested in this space, contact us today.

215 Spring Street

Photography Credit - Kevin Morgan

Photography Credit – Kevin Morgan

In addition to saving the Springdale Apartments, Pat Slusher has already saved and renovated 215 Spring Street and turned it into a beautiful office for his construction company.  They are also working on the second floor of this building to turn in into residential living quarters.  We love second floor living in downtown!

101 South Street


Did you know we are going to have a new overnight accommodation coming to town?  It’s true, this property is currently working through the stages of obtaining Historic Tax Credits and will be turned into an overnight rental Air B&B style.  Keeping check in to see the future transformation.

201 South Street


For those of you that might be wondering what is really going on and if it’s really going to happen, the answer is YES!  Mr. Reeder is working through the stages of obtaining Historic Tax Credits for this renovation project.  You are going to see the addition of studio and 2 bedroom apartments for our 55 and older community.  It is our understanding that they are going to have the penthouse opened to the public, will likely include a restaurant on the main level and renovate the commercial retail spaces on the west street side of the building.

414 S. Thompson Avenue


We truly can’t wait to see the restoration of this beautiful building in Downtown Excelsior Springs.  What was once the Olde Town Mall is being transformed into the new Fishing River Market.  They are restoring this property beautifully by removing the old cinder blocks and opening up the windows in the front of the building.  The new colors they are using are going to give a significant facelift to Thompson Avenue.  We are extremely happy to have them joining us in Downtown Excelsior Springs.  Opening dates still have not been determined as there is still significant construction to take place, but they are accepting vendor applications to be a part of the space.

423 S. Thompson Avenue


New owners, Gary & Kim Sanson, are moving forward with the renovation of the Brunke Building.  They are currently working through the process of Historic Tax Credits, Chapter 353 and PACE.  The intend to restore this building and white box it with the hopes of either multiple businesses occupying the 8,000 square foot space, or having an additional restaurant join the streets of downtown.  Completion of this project is slated for 2019.  Keep coming down and checking on the progress!

426 S. Thompson Avenue


Coming soon you will see the above transformation take place at 426 S. Thompson Avenue and become the new home of the Chamber of Commerce.

We are truly loving the sounds of hammers and drills on all the streets of downtown!  Our vacancy rate is at it’s lowest in decades with these above projects occurring.  There are possibilities that we will also see updates and new ownerships to a few other properties in town, including 251 E. Broadway and the old Judd Palmer Community Center.  We currently have one space that is up to date and tenant ready located at 208 Marietta Street and is approximately 800 square feet.

It truly is an exciting time to be a part of all of this amazing downtown economic development.  I am truly thankful for the number of hours individuals have dedicated to volunteering for the Downtown Excelsior Partnership to show to value and what could be for our downtown.  We are finally getting to what we have all envisioned for such a long time.  We are headed in the right direction and it really is a great time to be a part of Downtown Excelsior Springs.