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Looking Forward …. DEP Released 2018 Annual Report

In 2018, Downtown Excelsior Springs and the Downtown Excelsior Partnership enjoyed a year filled with excitement, success and growth.  Our calendar of events expanded and improved and new programs and initiatives were added to our annual work plan.  As we begin 2019, I see wonderful opportunities for additional growth and amenities to our downtown.  Not only do I truly believe we are moving in the right direction, our statistics show it too!

National trends indicate that small cities, such as Excelsior Springs, are experiencing a rebirth, an opportunity to recapture the vibrancy and level of activity that they once enjoyed in the downtown districts.  We have seen proof of that trend, as more people indicate serious interest in living in Downtown Excelsior Springs, businesses wanting to locate here and consumers spending their time and money here.  Current market trends are favoring small business, particularly retail businesses, that can provide consumers with unique products and experiences that can not be provided by the big box stores or online sales.

I am filled with hope for the future of Downtown Excelsior Springs, not simply because of the trends, but because of the sense of commitment and support we have received from our community in general and the City of Excelsior Springs.  This is our time to maximize the opportunities presented to us and fulfill the potential that we know exists here.  Together, we can make this happen!

You can review our entire annual report by clicking here.


Lyndsey M. Baxter
Executive Director
Downtown Excelsior Partnership