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Meet The Business • Wine & Shine Tasting Room

The Wine & Shine Tasting Room offers a unique tasting experience with a little something for everyone. This local small business is where wines meet artisan spirits, creating an inviting atmosphere for connoisseurs and casual tasters alike. The name doesn’t say it all, you are also able to enjoy a great selection of retail offerings like oils and vinegars to jewelry and ice cream.

Business Name:

Wine & Shine Tasting Room

When did you open your business in Downtown Excelsior Springs?:

June 2021

What inspired you to start/open your business in Downtown Excelsior Springs?:

We originally wanted to bring a little different vibe to Broadway Bar & Grill by adding a tasting room because of our love for our community.

What makes your business unique?:

We offer a wide variety of gifts along with our moonshine and wine.

What are the must-try products or services you offer? And what makes them special?:

Come enjoy a tastings and finish with either a moonshine sundae or a wine float!

Do you host any events, workshops, or special promotions that customers/visitors should be aware of?:

Not at this time.

Aside from your own business, can you recommend another must-visit shop in Downtown Excelsior Springs?:

I suggest to make time to visit them all as each one has their own unique style.

How does your business engage with the Excelsior Springs community? Are there local causes or community projects that you’re passionate about or involved with?:

We have been in the past, but at this time I have to be focused on getting our shop up and going.

What advice or tips do you have for visitors coming to Downtown Excelsior Springs?:

Take the time to explore in advance everything our town has to offer before coming.

Where can people find more information about your business?:

Facebook: Wine & Shine Tasting Room

Is there anything else you’d like to share with visitors and locals?:

We are a family owned business and have been business owners in downtown since 2010. We absolutely love our community.