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InVeST 2022

Become an investor in the Downtown Excelsior Partnership today and let’s continue the revitalization of our historic downtown! DEP is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 100% of your contribution is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

DEP is a community supported and volunteer driven organization for people of all walks of life who are working together to revitalize our downtown. We are united in our efforts to build a special place that future generations will be proud to call their home. We share a deep-rooted love for Excelsior Springs, an affection for its history and a passion for creating a fun, economically vibrant and visually compelling downtown.

Downtown Excelsior Springs is the FIRST and FOREVER heart of our community.

Who should invest?

whose SUCCESS is aided by an attractive, healthy and vibrant downtown environment.

who recognize that a healthy and prosperous downtown community will INCREASE SALES and traffic to their business and that cooperative programming provides opportunities to develop new customers and relationships.

who understand that the success of nearby commercial districts helps ATTRACT and MAINTAIN a quality workforce.

who take pride in downtown Excelsior Springs and understand that people really MAKE A DIFFERENCE in shaping the future of the place they call home.

who knows that a healthy community can only IMPROVE the economic environment in which they operate and seek funding support.

who understand the importance of a FRIENDLY, WELCOMING and SAFE downtown for the benefit of the entire community.

who support the activities of the downtown business community and who have developed PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL relationships with businesses that are located downtown.

Benefits of Investing

Increased Occupancy Rates — Rent Stabilization — Increased Property Values — Increased Stability — Reduced Vandalism/Crime — Assistance With Tax Incentives — Better Image — New Upper Floor Uses

Increased Sales — Improved Image — Increased Value of Business — Quality of Business Life — Educational Opportunities — Increased Traffic — District Marketing Strategies — Better Business Mix — Downtown Events & Festivals

Image Improvements — New/Renewed/Repeated Exposure — Increased Variety of Services — Healthier Economy Generates More Business — Increased Business Styles — Tapping Leakage — Increased Customers

Community Pride — Enhanced Marketplace — Social Activities — Opportunities To Stay Local — Better Communication — Community Advocate — Increased Home Values

Business Testimonials

“DEP has helped grow my business because it lays the foundation to draw attention to and attract customers to our downtown. They do this through advertising, holding events and giving downtown a voice and vision. Without their extra support downtown would not be where it is today. It has become strong and vibrant. Having this team of people helping your business grow is a great resource.”
Jill Rickart/Ventana Gourmet Grill

“I’m so proud to be a part of our downtown! We always have lots of fun events and festivals going on! We have such a great group of businesses downtown. I don’t know why anyone would shop anywhere else!”
Molly Roberts/Molly Roberts Studio

“It’s now easier to reflect on what helped us sustain through the years. Being a part of something bigger helped being in business a bit easier from the start. DEP’s mindset unites resources, fosters innovative thinking and builds teamwork. Being a part of DEP has made being in business like being a big family. It just takes being a part. In Downtown, we work hard together, play hard together and succeed equally together.”
Daphne Bowman/Willow Spring Mercantile

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