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Meet The Business • Solana On Broadway

Did you know that Solana means “Sunny Spot” in Spanish? Nestled in the heart of Downtown Excelsior Springs, Solana on Broadway emerges as a dazzling gem!
Take a deep dive into the behind the scenes of this multifaceted business! Read on to learn more about this business, all that they offer, and how to are helping us to revitalize the downtown district.

Business Name:


When did you open your business in Downtown Excelsior Springs?:

November 2022

What inspired you to start/open your business in Downtown Excelsior Springs?:

I started working in Excelsior Springs in 2015 while living in my hometown Lawson (right up the street). Growing up I was always here but being involved and surrounded by people who love this town was so inspiring to me. I instantly fell in love with the community and everything Excelsior has to offer. Downtown is so special. My mom and I frequented downtown every weekend growing up and some of my favorite memories live here. One of the shops is what inspired me to open my own one day.
I’d say I’m mostly known for my love of home decor and my blog,, which I also started in 2015. It’s been an amazing creative outlet for me. I’ve always known I wanted to own my own business. At first it was a one stop coffee shop/clothing boutique/spa where women could just spend the day! That was 7 year old Savanna’s dream. Then as I grew up I found a serious love for interior design. My mom let me have free reign at my room whenever I wanted to re-decorate and she had a designer come in and decorate the rest of the house. I probably drove the designer crazy because I just followed her and watched everything she did. This is what catapulted me into being possibly obsessed with homes and decorating them.
My blog started when we bought our first house in Lawson. It was a mess! Broken windows and all but it’s what we could afford and I put every ounce of free time I had into flipping it, on a budget, into a home where we would have our two boys (Bjorn and Rowen).
Fast forward a few years later and… life happened, and we had to sell that little white cutie farmhouse but it was for the best.
We moved to Excelsior and my boys and I are so happy to be residents of this adorable town.
I’m so blessed to be able to live out my dream of owning a store, event space and vacation rental in my favorite little city.

What makes your business unique?:

Solana is 3 different businesses in one building. The home decor boutique is the main character but she is accompanied by a unique and affordable event space and a spacious 5 bedroom vacation rental up above. We do a little bit of everything here!

What are the must-try products or services you offer? And what makes them special?:

The event space is a highly rated spot that’s perfect for showers, birthdays, grad parties, and more. It is known for its decor and bright airy feel. In the boutique we carry all kinds of things but our jewelry and ZUM products are our best sellers! The home decor is unique and affordable. The Loft is a must see to believe. It’s like a maze up there full of sunshine and 100+ year old floors. Its large and very accommodating!

Do you host any events, workshops, or special promotions that customers/visitors should be aware of?

We are always looking to do craft parties in the Event Space! Bring some wine and girlfriends and paint, knit, make cookies, etc. We also offer photography rentals in both the Event Space and The Loft.

Aside from your own business, can you recommend another must-visit spot in Downtown Excelsior Springs?:

I think everyone knows Willow Spring is the it spot for lunch. I always recommend people try it there!

How does your business engage with the Excelsior Springs community? Are there local causes or community projects that you’re passionate about or involved with?:

Solana sponsors lots of things! We sponsor Waterfest every year, the Excelsior Springs Football team and my kids and I love to participate in the local trash pick up every year. We also donate to all kinds of local organizations and fundraisers.

What advice or tips do you have for visitors coming to Downtown Excelsior Springs?

I’d say start your day with a coffee at Other Trails and move on down to Rays for some diner breakfast. Walk around to take a look at some of the downtown shops before hitting Willow Spring for lunch… Try out New Age Skincare and Spa or The Elms for a little self care, more shopping and then head over to Pairings for an appetizer and wine before picking one of our many spots to eat dinner!

Where can people find more information about your business?:

You can find us all over!
@solanaonbroadway on Instagram and Facebook
@savannabrooke_com (blog) (blog)

Is there anything else you’d like to share with visitors and locals?:

Excelsior Springs is just the cutest little town. I’m so happy to be a part of such a lovely place and I hope visitors see all of us business owners passion and love for our little city. Relax and enjoy!