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The Importance of a Store Front

Storefronts say a lot about you and your business!  It’s your customer’s first impression of a business’s brand.  Downtown Merchants are constantly competing with the big box retailers that are on the outskirts of town and because of that you need to turn on the charm!  This isn’t something that the national chains can compete with!

We encourage all store owners to think of someone entering your store as if it was a guest entering your home.  You would want your address visible from the street, your yard looking good, the front sidewalk swept and your flowers in perfect shape, right?

Similarly, your store’s façade and store front should be welcoming to visitors and quickly tell them what you do and the types of products you offer.

How does your store front measure up?  Ask yourself, or a trusted friend or two, the following questions about your façade and storefront:

Is it obvious what you do?
Are your brand colors identifiable on your exterior?
Do you have window displays that inform and/or inspire?
Is your façade clean and well-lit?

Today I share some tips on how to create a memorable, branded façade and store front:

In addition to a large logo-sign visible to those driving by in automobiles, prominently display the name of your store at eye level for pedestrian traffic
List services, store hours and website on your door and/or windows
Create displays that get people talking (in a good way!)
Integrate your brand’s colors, i.e.: paint your front door and/or add a colorful awning
Incorporate decorative accessories such as potted plants, flags, banners, or sandwich board, that celebrate the seasons and/or reflect your brand
Keep the door open on nice days to invite curious passers-by inside

And finally, is your façade well-maintained?  A little TLC can go a long way in creating a more professional look and leaving a credible impression on those downtown guests that are driving and walking by your storefront.

Never underestimate the power of a well-designed store front!