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Today We Celebrate & Thank Mark Spohn

Today we give thanks and celebrate the unwavering commitment of Downtown Excelsior Partnership, Inc. Board of Director, Mark Spohn. Today marks the final day of his Board of Director commitments, as his final term expires. Mark was appointed to the Downtown Excelsior Partnership, Inc. board in early 2014 to fulfill a vacancy and has since served two three year terms. During those years he has served as the Board Vice President, Board Secretary and the Design Team Chair. During Mark’s tenure on the Board, the organization has seen enormous growth in our downtown revitalization and he has played an integral role in those advances.

DEP Executive Director, Lyndsey M. Baxter stated, “We would be remiss if we did not recognize and give thanks to Mark for all of his years of services. Through those years, his contributions have been integral in not only the growth of our organization, but our downtown development as well. Mark has always had a ‘can-do; will-do’ attitude. No matter the task or need, I always knew I could call upon Mark and he would be there to help. It might have been placing gravel and dirt in planters… spreading mulch through downtown… watering 44 planters… or even climbing 12 foot ladders to change out to street banners. No matter the ask, he always said yes, and did it with a smile.”

Some of the other Downtown Excelsior Partnership, Inc. Board of Directors had the following to say about working with Mark…

“It has been a pleasure to work with Mark over the past several years, Mark has a way of looking at things in a totally different perspective than most, which gives him some very creative ideas!!”

Cheryl Boos
Board President

“Mark has always been one of the first people to throw on some gloves and get to work on a project; he’s always made Downtown Excelsior Springs a priority and has lived how he preached.”

Nick Anderson
Board Vice President

“Mark’s enthusiasm and passion to help our town look and feel better has been contagious.”

Jim McCullough
Board Secretary

“Mark is an awesome team player and I am glad he has been on the board of our DEP these past eight years. It’s members like Mark that make our organization a winning team!”

Jill Rickart
Board Treasurer

“Mr. Dependable… The guy who keeps showing up… Mark has the gift of service, and can always be counted on to show up & help out!”

Nate Williams
Board Member

The Downtown Excelsior Partnership, Inc. looks forward to continuing to work with Mark in future years on downtown revitalization as their Design Team Chair.