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Will Your Building Stand The Test Of Time?


We love our downtown historic district and  hope you do too!  In order to help preserve our beautiful architecture we wanted to share some tips and tricks to keep your historic building in great condition and catch trouble early, before it costs you!  Whether your are the property owner or the tenant you can follow these steps during the months listed to keep your building in its best shape!

March & April
During a heavy rain inspect the interior of the building.
Sweep flat or low slope roofs.
Examine flashing for tight fit.
Clean and inspect gutters and downspouts.
Inspect the base of the building for salt damage.

May & June
Check masonry for loose or damaged bricks.
Examine windows for damage or loose putty.
Remove temporary wood fixes and make permanent repairs.
Examine and repair painted surfaces.

August & September
Remove plants growing on or close to the foundation.
Check grading at the foundation and make sure water will drain away from the building.

Inspect basement and crawl space during wet weather.
During heavy rain inspect the interior again.
Examine roof, make sure water isn’t pooling.
Make sure gutters are flowing.
Sweep flat or low slope roofs.

Check weather stripping around windows and door and repair/replace.
Install storm windows (if applicable)
Caulk any gaps in wood for a temporary watertight seal.

Less than 20 hours a year can keep your building in shape for years to come!  Some of these items would be great tasks during our Community Wide Spring Clean Up event on April 22nd!  If you find issues with your building that need updated let us know and the Downtown Excelsior Partnership and the Historic Preservation Commission would be happy to assist if possible!